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Lamons, one of the leading gasket and stud bolt manufacturers, is pleased to announce a new partnership to serve the Aberdeen offshore and onshore markets. Global Pipe Components are an established supplier of pipe and fittings with a major warehouse and office complex off Mugiemoss Road. The agreement between Lamons and Global will expand customer choice and bring in a fresh approach to the market.

Global have a wealth of experience dealing with the exceptional demands of the offshore market including gaskets and offer a complete 24/7 service to meet demand. Founder and Owner Richard Meldrum comments that: “Lamons sealing products compliment our own range which means that the customer can buy more products in one place. A significant range of Flange Isolation Kits and Inhibitor Gaskets will shortly be available from stock at our warehouse to underline our commitment to Lamons and the Aberdeen market.”

Lamons are delighted to take involvement in Aberdeen to the next stage where they can bring new technologies to the customer directly through Global Pipe Components.

Technical Director Gary Briggs explains: “We are excited to offer a range of products that can solve leak problems such as Corrukam, a solid metal gasket that can actually offer recovery characteristics on large vessel and heat exchanger flanges. Together with SPC4 specialist sensors that can be machined into standard stud bolts to monitor load and condition in operation, essential data on critical flanges. I look forward to working with the Global team in Aberdeen.”

Lamons Defender Fire Safe Flange Isolation Kits have been working successfully in the North Sea for a number of years and are approved by all the Major operators. The kit is robust and easy to fit with every kit supplied with full installation instructions and non-metallic bolt lubrication. The main duties are to provide an effective seal while preventing galvanic corrosion and flange pitting.

The Inhibitor Spiral Wound Gaskets were developed specifically for the North Sea to mitigate the corrosion of flanges by graphite containing gaskets. Everything about the gasket is special from the PTFE coated outer ring to the Kammpro inner ring with expanded PTFE facings, the Inhibitor gasket protects the flange from corrosive attack helps prevent damage spreading and gives the assured seal of a spiral wound.

Global Components will be supported from the Lamons Antwerp facility that will also support stocks of standard Spiral Wound and Ring Type Joints.

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