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We are innovative designers and manufacturers of world-class underwater sonar, positioning and navigation systems. We provide robust solutions to international subsea, offshore and defence markets. We offer a diverse and adaptable product portfolio, always incorporating the latest advances in technology at an affordable cost without compromising on quality or function.

NEW for 2018

The Oculus MD-Series is our NEW range of 4,000m depth rated multibeam imaging sonars. Built around our tried and tested sonar technology, the Oculus MD-Series complements our existing 300m depth rated M-Series. Designed with versatility in mind, Oculus sonars are available in three models. The M/MD370s, a 375kHz single frequency unit for long range navigation and situational awareness. The M/MD750d, a dual frequency 750kHz and 1.2MHz unit for navigation and object identification. And the M/MD1200d, dual frequency 1.2MHz and 2.1MHz unit for image critical inspection tasks. Their compact size and rugged construction allow

them to be confidently integrated across a wide variety of underwater applications such as inspection-class and work-class vehicles, manipulators and pan-and-tilt mountings.

Proving popular year on year

The SeaTrac series of Mirco-USBL acoustic transponder beacons, these are capable of simultaneous subsurface position tracking and bi-directional data exchange. With the capability to locate up to 14 beacons at any one time, communicate up to a distance of 1km and function down to a depth of 2,000m, these are a must have for ROV operators.

Our longest standing product line

The StarFish side-scan sonar remains extremely popular and continues to dominate the market for single person deployable towed side-scan sonar systems. It remains the professional’s choice for shallow water survey applications.

Blueprint Subsea. Sound by Design.

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