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We have all been there. Struggling to fit in work, leisure and studying to improve and upgrade our skills, or having difficulty in learning new skills. If you are finding all these a challenge – there is a solution now!

Safety and diving industry’s leader, KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd (KBAT) has developed a mobile learning platform in partnership with AcuiZen, a Singapore founded technology company, to marry learning skills with technology. With this technology, learners will be able to access knowledge based learning tools and assessment anytime, anywhere - on their mobile devices or on their home computers.

Lifelong learning can enhance our lives and our career, and provide us with better opportunities which results in an improved quality of life. Learning does not have to be boring. It should be fun and interesting. Learning will help boost our confidence in the work we do, and ultimately, gets us ready to adapt to changes in the industry when it happens. In the pursuit of lifelong learning, which is an ongoing process, one needs to be self-motivated. How we acquire the knowledge and skills is a challenge everyone faces. However, in the era of technology and smartphones, learning can now be achieved at your fingertips. Those with the right mindset – to be proactive, dare to take risks and undergo a journey of skills upgrading, one will be able to reap the benefits in their organisations and career ahead.

KBAT’s aim is to keep practitioners in the Safety and Diving industry safe, raise the overall standards in the industry especially in today’s fast moving digital era. After months of discussion with stakeholders, industry experts and KBAT’s in-house trainers, the first KBAT APP that will be launched in mid-October 2018 for individual users or for organisations, will be the Diver Medic Technician’s (DMT) competency maintenance course. Upon completing normal classroom training, which is a two week full-time course requiring 60 contact hours, or the Diver Medic Refresher of one week, the level of information retention without practice is generally very low. The KBAT APP will close this gap allowing the user to continually review and refresh the skill sets required of the DMT and possibly save a life. With the launch of the new KBAT DMT APP, students at KBAT will be able to download learning modules at a nominal fee before attending class, or after the class to remain current and demonstrate knowledge and awareness competence and continual lifelong learning.

The KBAT APP will enable learners to have access to the subscribed modules for one year, and the modules will be up dated monthly with new information and skills, so that learning will be continuous. The purpose of constant and repeat learning is to improve a person’s ability to recall what they have learnt. The KBAT APP will allow learners to return to a section of the content to refresh the skills learnt and where required, to practice tasks until they have mastered it. The APP will also be bringing classroom learning ‘live’ to the learner’s devices via videos of practical scenarios such as the diver medic and first aid procedures by KBAT’s trainer prior to attending the course. This will give learners a clearer understanding during the classroom hands-on session.

No doubt this form of training will require discipline from learners, and challenges in commitment to complete the modules. Many learners will be discouraged or lack motivation to embark on a mammoth learning task. What makes the KBAT APP unique is mentoring by its trainers. The APP encourages learners to repeat the tasks learnt if they are unable to obtain the desired achievement level. For those who require more hand-holding, there is the feature, ‘ask the trainer’.

In dealing with today’s fast moving economy, blended learning with the use of digital resources is the new norm in learning. It is important to recognise that knowledge gained will not automatically translate to competency. The launch of the KBAT APP will transform the way technology will help learners refresh the imparted classroom knowledge and reduce the probability of forgetting what one has learnt.

The KBAT APP recently won the InnovJAM Mobile Learning award organised by SkillsFutureSG, the Institute for Adult Learning and iN.LAB. As KBAT continues to innovate and embrace the transformation of learning using digital technology to keep its diving and safety practitioners updated, equipped and constantly in check with their competency, what would you hope to achieve with your learning goals?

For further information to discuss how to get you or your staff equipped in the digital era, please contact KBAT at: +65 6542 4984

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