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Rhopoint Energy is pleased to introduce Emerson’s new digital, ultra-capacitance transmitter, the PaineTM 420-22-0010 series, offering high precision pressure and temperature measurements in the harshest long-term petroleum and natural gas applications.

Rhopoint Energy is a brand of Rhopoint Components and is dedicated to looking after the energy markets with a range of products that are innovative and demanding for today’s needs. We have extensive expertise in pressure and temperature sensors, as well as high temperature precision components for the on/off shore oil & gas and subsea energy market sectors.

In downhole petroleum and natural gas applications, precise measurements during rapid changes in temperatures is a must to optimize the overall process and to ensure tool and personnel safety. The new PaineTM 420-22-0010 series from Emerson provides operators with the critical data needed for smoother and more efficient operations, increased reliability and the reduction of downtime.

Created for downhole tool manufacturers and designed to outperform typical piezo resistive and quartz type sensors in thermal transient conditions, the PaineTM 420- 22-0010 series provides faster and more accurate digital measurements in higher thermal conditions. With proprietary sensing technology and custom hybrid electronics, that exhibit extremely low thermal transient error in comparison to other industry leading sensing technologies, the 420-22-0010 series compensates for the thermal gradients typically experienced in well gas pockets, wireline activities, well testing, injection events and other common exploration and production activities to provide fast, accurate digital information.

With full-scale accuracy of <± 0.02% including repeatability, hysteresis, and linearity after polynomial correction, long term stability of <0.02% per year, the PaineTM 420-22-0010 series will operate up to 20,000 PSIA (1379 BAR) at an operating temperature of +347°F (+175°C). All packaged in a 0.51” (1.29 cm) diameter form factor with all wetted materials being Inconel 718 annealed and aged to a maximum hardness of 40HRC.

Additional specifications include:

  • Digital Output: UART-TTL.

  • Input Voltage: 2.8 to 5 VDC, calibrate valid at 3.0 VDC +- 0.02 VDC.

  • Input Current: 15 mA maximum at 3.0 VDC.

  • Pressure Resolution: 0.0008%FS RMS and 0.0043%FS. Peak to Peak with a 10 second sample rate.

  • Temperature Output: °F or °C.

  • Temperature Resolution: 12 Bits minimum, better than 0.09°F (0.05°C)

  • Alternative shorter version (2.8” long) for low current (<1.5mA @ 3VDC, >23°C) applications.

  • Alternative pins allow access to the RTD for temperature measurement.

The PaineTM 420-22-0010 series offers key benefits such as unsurpassed longterm precision, customisable interfaces (both pressure port and connector), slim diameter of 0.51” (1.29 cm) saving critical tool space and can be used with fluids and gases compatible with UNS NO7718. These benefits as well as well as the specifications mentioned above, make the new 420-22-0010 digital, ultra-capacitance transmitter series ideal for the following solutions:

  • Formation Pressure & Production Logging.

  • Well Monitoring & Logging.

  • Production Diagnostics & Control Monitoring.

  • Analyze Production Profiles.

  • Artificial Lift

Rhopoint Components has been meeting the exacting demands of the international marketplace in precision electronic components and sensor products since 1975. We offer the highest level of technical field and internal office support for our entire product ranges.

To learn more about the 420-22-0010 series, contact Rhopoint Energy on: +441342 330 470

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