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The HEICO Group has been at the forefront of fastener technology since its inception well over 100 years ago and innovation has always been key to their success.

The HEICO-LOCK® system was developed to counter the effects of dynamic loads and high vibration causing loosening of bolted joints by self-rotation and consists of a pre-assembled pair of washers that have inclined cams on the inside and radial teeth on the opposite sides. When a bolt is tightened the external radial teeth embed themselves in an interlocking fashion with the respective mating surface. As the angle of the internal cams is greater than the angle of the thread pitch any movement across the cams increases the pre-load force and effectively self-locks the bolt.

The one piece HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Nut combines the HEICO-LOCK® Wedge Lock Washer with a flanged nut. The riveting of the connection between the wedge lock washer and the flanged nut creates a one piece design that removes the need for a separate washer, providing a reliable, faster and costoptimized bolt security solution.

With the Ring-Lock system an outer plastic ring ensures that the individual washers are permanently held in the correct position even after disassembly, thus ensuring effective operation even when used by non-specialized operatives. The HLK washer delivers anti-vibration security for HV sets according to DIN EN 14399-4 and DIN EN 14399-8. The HLK washers are chamfered on the internal diameter to ensure optimal surface contact with the increased under head radius of HV bolts.

The latest addition to the HEICO-LOCK® range is the Combi-Washer which has an inner locking ring with inset tabs that grip onto the bolt thread. With easy mounting and permanent connection, thanks to the inset tabs, the combi-washers provide real flexibility as they can be combined with all commercially available bolts as well as being supplied completely pre assembled on request.

The group have also developed the HEICO-TEC® tension nut for use with large bolted joints. With HEICO-TEC® no electric, hydraulic or pneumatic tools are needed for installation, all that is needed is a torque wrench. The pretension force of the large main thread is distributed to many smaller pressure bolts meaning a conventional torque wrench can be used to achieve the correct pretension force, eliminating the need for complex, bulky or heavy tools and making securing large bolted joints more convenient and easy. Also HEICO-TEC® meets all the requirements of ISO 898-2 which enables you to easily replace any hex nut from the same strength class while also offering all the advantages of a hand-tightened nut.

With ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 accreditation, along with product approval from organisations such as Deutsche Bahn and DNV , the groups commitment to quality is further underlined by the creation of an in-house laboratory for the testing of bolt fastening systems meaning HEICO can provide clients with extensive test services, research & development support and quality control reporting as well as customised tests to client’s individual requirements.

With continual development, commitment to quality and innovation at the heart of the HEICO philosophy the future of bolt security is in safe hands.

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