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Protecting high value maritime assets such as oil and gas installations, has long posed a problem for operators and responsible government agencies alike.

For many nations that depend on oil and gas revenues, protecting offshore assets is not just a matter of security, it goes to the very heart of their social and economic well-being.

Isolation is one of the main reasons why offshore facilities are so vulnerable and the harsh conditions at sea also pose particular problems.

The key to security is prior-warning of a potential threat, giving crews time to enact their security protocols. Another vulnerability is the sheer size and complexity of the superstructures, making identifying where an intruder has boarded the facility extremely difficult.

One company offering systems to address this issue is MARSS, with their latest system called CLIMBERguard.

CLIMBERguard is designed to detect and track any unauthorised access to the superstructure of any vessel or maritime structure.

Climber detection is achieved utilising self-contained CLIMBERguard units that combine micro-radars, imaging sensors and processing to automatically detect, classify and track approaches close to and scaling the sides of the installation.

Multi-touch command and control interfaces present a clear situational awareness picture to the crew. This can be via a fixed control panel or remotely via smart mobile devices, aiding decision-making and rapid response.

CLIMBERguard was originally developed to protect naval and merchant vessels and is already operational protecting cargoes of critical national importance.

Complimentary systems include the MOBtronic man-overboard system, that reliably notifies the crew when a man-overboard event occurs and NiDAR command and control system. NiDAR will integrate security radar, sonar and daylight/infrared cameras, as well as CLIMBERguard and MOBtronic, to deliver layered 360° safety and security zone around maritime installations, above or below the waterline.

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