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Challenging conditions drives demand for new Churchill technology in Norwegian sector.

Churchill Drilling Tools, a leading oilfield service company specializing in drilling innovation, has reported a sharp rise in demand (75%) for its technologies from Norwegian operators in 2017/18.

In addition to the quality of its highly specialized tools and its focus on customer performance, Churchill attributed the growth to an increase in the volume of exploration campaigns and challenging environments in the Norwegian sector.

For example, Norwegian operators ran Churchill’s award-winning DAV MX™, a multi function multi cycle CircSub, in record numbers last year thanks to its ability to perform in challenging conditions and cut operating time. Earlier this year a Norwegian operator carried out multiple hole cleaning and displacement applications in a complex well using the DAV MX™

CircSub, where its resilience, reliability and versatility helped the campaign stay on track despite challenging conditions.

Given the increase in exploration, more operators in Norway are also running Churchill’s HyPR™ Holesaver™. Enabling an operator to quickly and efficiently recover from a stuck pipe situation provides much needed contingency options particularly during exploration.

Unprecedented demand in Norway for its HyPR™ Holesaver™, DAV MX™ and its other products reflects the confidence that Norwegian operators have in Churchill’s technology and specialist support across completions, well bore clean up and drilling operations.

Churchill’s Regional Account Manager Corin Lewsey said: "Norwegian operators demand tools that are reliable, resilient and flexible that are simple to use and cut operating time. They want a partner that can provide 24/7 specialist and operational support, delivered by an experienced quality team. That’s why at Churchill, combined with the increase in explorations and the ever-greater complexity of wells, we’ve seen more confidence in new technology and growth of more than 75% in the last 12 months."

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