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Flexible conduit manufacturer Flexicon has extended its range of liquid tight conduit solutions with a range of fittings which are UL listed to UL514B.

The LTP–CUL type fitting provides a liquid tight cable protection solution that offers IP ratings from IP66 through to IP69. When used with LTPUL conduit, it is ideal for applications requiring high levels of ingress protection and UL listing – for example, in machine tool, industrial , rail, marine, defence, construction and outdoor applications.

This new range of fittings are also suitable for use in hazardous locations in the USA and Canada for NEC Article 501 (B)(2) Class 1 Div 2 , Article 502 (A)(2) & (B)(2) Class II Div 1&2 and Article 503 (A)(3) & (B)(3) Class III Div 1&2.

Says Tim Creedon, Sales and Marking Director for Flexicon: “End-users need to be aware of the products they are specifying or using when it comes to meeting UL Standards."

“UL operates a very transparent and open system for product approval. Customers can log onto the website,, and search to find the approvals held by a manufacturer. The system works across the entire supply chain so that each component in a finished product has to comply with the standard. Unfortunately, this complexity means that mistakes do occur and if reported, the supplier could lose its export licence.'

“The best solution is to specify a complete solution from one manufacturer for liquid-tight applications, especially as it is the conduit to fitting interface that is critical in achieving and maintaining the IP rating. Flexicon’s LTP–CUL fittings, when used with LTPUL liquid tight conduits, provides the optimum solution for UL listed requirements.”

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