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Advanced Parex 100 Newton Grout AW high strength grout for the offshore sector has gained important accreditation following exhaustive independent testing, mock up trials, a factory audit and technical review.

ISO tanks containing Parex 100 Newton AW grout being transported on board a supply ship. Image copyright of Found Ocean.

Already proven in use for the major Humber Gateway OWF and Culzean Offshore projects 100 Newton Grout AW supplied in bulk tanker format has been accredited to the standard DNV-OS-C502 “Offshore Concrete Structures.”

This makes Parex one of only two manufacturers able to supply bulk material that meets the criteria.

The accreditation is a prequalification for many wind farm projects and should allow Parex to build further on the two successful offshore projects previously supplied with 100 Newton Grout AW.

100 Newton Grout AW is a high strength anti-washout grout which is suitable for use in underwater conditions for a wide number of applications including the grout requirements for offshore wind turbine installation, repairs to offshore and marine installations, for the base structures of wind turbines and for underwater grouting projects.

The mix design includes special shrinkage compensating components, which give a volume stable grout in both the plastic and hardened states. The powder readily mixes with water to produce the high strength grout that is easily placed to give exceptional structural support.

The material achieves an ultimate compressive strength of approximately 105N/mm² even down to 2°C.

Delivery by bulk tanks provides several advantages over product supplied in other formats, such as bulk bags, which can be subject to weathering and contamination.

Parex 100 Newton Grout AW can be placed using large continuous mixer pumps and typically provides an initial set in around 220 minutes, high early strength gain and a final compressive strength in excess of 100 N/mm² at 28 days.

Transportation in ISO tanks mounted within a steel frame for securing to a ship’s deck, or road tankers with the grout pneumatically transferred into large silos, provides significant advantages. The method eliminates the risk of contamination by rain or sea water, improves cleanliness, removes the need for crane movements on deck and provides dust-free operation at the point of use.

It also ensures security of supplies in transit , improved health and safety for grouting personnel, reduced material usage by cutting wastage and more rapid placement in areas where access is often time-limited. Grouting rates when compared with bulk bag into pan mixing methods are significantly increased, with up to 20m3 per hour achievable.

Explains Simon Rickett, Parex Regional Technical Sales Manager: “Our 100 Newton Grout AW has been a cornerstone of our portfolio for several years. With the addition of special anti-washout capabilities it is ideal for a broad number of applications including annulus grouting of transition pieces for rapid wind turbine installation or collar strengthening projects on oil rigs."

It is also used for the grouting of plies in jacket structures.

"The silo option increases its attraction substantially, providing a great number of advantages and the route to quicker, efficient and cost-effective grouting.” He added: “Because Parex has a global presence we can economically manufacture and deliver 100 Newton Grout AW to virtually any onshore or offshore location in the world.”

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