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Trenching umbilical winches for deployment of underwater equipment to be used with various cable types and allowing for both ‘over’- and ‘under’- spooling of the cable.

Greek Assodivers Underwater Contractors have taken delivery of two MERMAC winches from MacArtney: one 19.5 ton AHC (active heave compensation) winch and one 6 ton umbilical winch. These winches form part of a project relating to Denmark’s biggest offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak located in a shallow area in the Baltic Sea between Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The AHC winch is intended to relocate huge stones from the seafloor, and the umbilical winch is to be used for pulling a cable plough. Electric AHC winch solutions are often preferred for ROV systems and for handling equipment that is to operate near or on the seabed. Within this context, these MERMAC winches are used extensively by major work class ROV operators and service providers offering their customers optimal system safety and operational efficiency when being involved in the launch and recovery of ROVs, towed systems, corers, drills, ploughs, pumps, sonars, sensors, diving systems and a vast range of other equipment types. AHC immediately compensates for vessel movement caused by waves, even in heavy seas. This feature reduces weather-related downtime and considerably facilitates launch and recovery of tethered equipment.

Scope of supply Representing multipurpose functions and properties, the MERMAC R40 winches integrate an adjustable level wind as well as exchangeable underwater cables. In addition, the scope of supply includes electrical slip rings, junction boxes, MRUs, extra level wind guide roller kits and wireless remote controls. The general design features a self-contained, all steel welded construction with protection frame, drum, level wind, gear box, electric motor and switch board. Featuring high power and speed, minimal maintenance requirements, a rugged and compact design and a unique remote diagnostics tool, the MERMAC R40 umbilical winches are available in standard and custom configurations.

This is not the first time we’ve placed an order with MacArtney. Our business relations go further back and emphasize the fact that we always rest assured to be granted superior customer service and product quality on the part of MacArtney, says Sarantos Konstantatos, Procurement Officer, Assodivers Underwater Contractors.

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Industry news Group is dedicated to maintaining a strong global presence. With 18 Group operations supplemented by a distributor network of 25 companies spread across the world, MacArtney solutions are always available locally – with full global support. Being a privately owned corporation with Group headquarters in Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark, MacArtney Underwater Technology has supplied products and engineering solutions for four decades.

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