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Leading bolting specialist Gee-Force Hydraulics mobilised its largest equipment order within 48 hours to be top choice for an urgent offshore job.

The Great Yarmouth-based company’s quote for a leading pipeline services company beat two competitors for its biggest single hire of pipeline services equipment.

Managing Director Graeme Cook said much of the equipment needed had already been on the company’s shelves.

"The equipment requirement involved a significant amount of hydraulic torque equipment, deepwell impact sockets, hydraulic tensioning equipment, hydraulic flange spreading equipment and portable machining equipment. From initial enquiry to potential mobilisation we had just 48 hours. We had been recommended by another leading company."

“Now we are part of the HTL Group, concentrating on ‘made in the UK’ equipment, our capabilities are enhanced so we can turnaround urgent calls even quicker than we could before.”

“We already had a reputation for speedy response but now, by becoming part of the HTL Group, we can guarantee even more rapid mobilisation times."

“We have strategically aligned ourselves with UK manufacturers HTL Group, Norbar Torque Tools and Hands Free Bolting as a deliberate strategy to offer UK content to our customers.”

The company has significantly expanded its hire fleet of hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and manual bolting equipment, to become the largest hire fleet of its kind within a 150-mile radius of Great Yarmouth, Mr Cook said.

“Our stock of pipeline flange alignment and spreading equipment, lifting cylinders, portable machines, flushing rigs and instrumentation and a range of hands-free bolting safety accessories is continuing to grow."

“Our East of England clients now enjoy access to an unrivalled equipment hire fleet, service repair and calibration facilities and provision of specialist training, right on their doorstep.”

Gee-Force Hydraulics set up in Great Yarmouth six years ago supplying hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and manual bolting equipment and servicing, repair and calibration of bolting equipment. It offers ECITB-accredited mechanical joint integrity training from its Beacon Park premises.

“There is plenty of good quality bolting product out there but that isn’t much use if you are waiting weeks on delivery from overseas suppliers, not just on new product but spare parts for repairs.”

Offering UK-manufactured equipment means technical expertise behind the equipment is at hand, he said. “We can offer UK-based bespoke engineering solutions for specific bolting and other fluid power requirements.”

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