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Sonomatic, a global market leader in the provision of advanced and conventional NDT inspection and engineering services, recently won the NDT and Rope Access contract for Petroineos Manufacturing Limited.

The contract is for two years with the potential for a one-year extension. Sonomatic has been in operation for over 40 years and brings together extensive experience of Conventional NDT Inspection, Specialised Inspection and Rope Access Technicians along with industry leading Integrity Engineering capability.

The term contract covers all conventional NDT methods, including Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current, MPI, Dye Pen, Long Range Ultrasonic Testing and Tank inspections. However, it is the specialised capabilities and techniques, along with our integrity and engineering divisions forming a solid all round innovative NDT solution, that convinced PetroIneos to invest in Sonomatic.

Sonomatic Regional Manager, Tracy Anderson said “This contract is a major success for Sonomatic. We believe that we offer a very different approach to inspection than our main competitors and that the new evolving industry we work in deserves fresh innovative solutions to the challenges they face in today’s environment within the life-span of their assets.

Whilst we will maintain a safe and stable foundation for the refinery from within our conventional NDT methods, our specialised and engineering divisions are working towards offering alternative solutions through methods including Non-Intrusive Inspection that will greatly enhance production up-time.

We utilise our bespoke equipment and techniques including long-range and remote inspection methods, we produce far more detailed data analysis and results, allowing our client to make informed, safer more cost-effective decisions."

“We regard Sonomatic as a driven and industry leading NDT company who recognise the demands of today’s oil refining industry. In collaboration with both our asset and integrity teams we believe Sonomatic can deliver an unrivalled service, improving both the quality and efficiency of our inspections by the implementation of innovative solutions. This philosophy and approach aligns with our own company’s view on the future of the industry.” Said Chris Nicol, Senior Inspection Engineer.

The contract marks a new chapter in Sonomatic’s history and the dawn of a new beginning for both Sonomatic and Petroineos.

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