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Aging oil and gas facilities suffer from degradation and equipment wear and tear.

When this happens to the electrical infrastructure, safety is of paramount concern, and tracing and locating problems such as insulation faults is notoriously difficult. In worse case scenarios, it can shut down production whilst fault-finding is undertaken.

To speed up the fault identification and location process, Bender has developed a portable online earth fault location system that can be deployed in the field to trace such faults.

Which device?

To determine the nature and location of the insulation breakdowns, a Bender EDS309X series portable earth fault detection system is suitable for use in conjunction with the iso685 insulation monitoring device.

How does it work?

The iso685 connects to the un-earthed power systems gaining an accurate insulation resistance reading which determines the leakage capacitance and line voltages. The portable signal generator which has a variable locating current within the EDS309X system will inject a locating current onto the system (circa 25mA) which can be tracked with the EDS195P insulation fault locator. This is possible due to the sensitivity of the special measuring clamp that forms part of the EDS195P.


Bender portable faultfinding solutions, enable faster and more effective fault location, reducing engineering time and saving valuable time and resource. It is supplied for sale in a rugged, portable transport case with full user guide and instructions.

In addition to equipment supply, Bender UK offers fully qualified offshore certified engineers who can be deployed to site with Bender hardware for fault investigation, report and repair services.

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