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Process Panel Meter has Multicolour Display

BEKA associates have introduced two new high quality universal process panel meters featuring multicolour negative liquid crystal displays. Each meter has a colour adjustable, five digit and thirty one segment bargraph display which are visible in all lighting conditions from bright sunlight to total darkness. The display colour can be linked to the meter’s alarm status providing operators with a very conspicuous warning. For example, a green display could change to red when a high alarm occurs and to blue in the low alarm condition. Display colours and brightness can easily be adjusted on-site to match other instrumentation in the panel or operator’s preference.

The meters accept process current, voltage and resistance thermometer inputs and versions are available for operation from a low voltage dc or a mains power supply. All models have IP66 front of panel protection. For applications in hostile and marine environments, the rugged A90-SS has a 316 stainless steel enclosure and an impact resistant toughened glass window. The meters have a wealth of standard features including, minimum and maximum display memories, root extraction for flow applications and a tare function for weighing. As with all BEKA instruments configuration is performed via the front panel buttons using the common simple intuitive menu. Meters may be calibrated to show the input signal in engineering units without for the need for an external voltage or current source, or for the meter input to be disconnected from the field wiring. A novel fully protected slide-in scale card may be marked to clearly show the display units and meter function. Accessories include dual alarms each with a change over relay output, an isolated 4/20mA output and an isolated 24V dc supply for powering a remote transmitter. Although very easy to configure and calibrate on-site, meters can be supplied calibrated to customer’s requirement including a printed scale card for no additional charge and are now available from stock. BEKA instruments are designed and manufactured in the UK and are supported by a three year guarantee. For users wishing to evaluate an instrument on-site, a free three month sale or return evaluation service is available. For further information including datasheets, certificates and application guides please visit:

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