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Rovtech Solutions Designs Bender RCM Technology into its Underwater Vehicles

Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) designed by Rovtech Solutions are enabled with Bender’s Residual Current Monitor [RCM] for advanced warning of potentially damaging water ingress.

The Rovtech Nano Seaker ROV has been designed to work in arduous environments including highly radioactive storage ‘ponds’ on nuclear sites. They are also commissioned for use in lakes and reservoirs to help with underwater search tasks and surveying of underwater structures and containment tanks.

Weighing in at just 15 kilograms Nano Seeker is primarily designed as a camera platform giving a live feed back to the operator but it can also be equipped with a manipulator claw, and with sonar to enhance its underwater search capabilities.

Bender Linetraxx® RCM420 technology monitors and notifies if there is water ingress into the umbilical control tether or the ROV unit itself. The early be recovered under power before critical failure.

Technical Manager Barry Vernon explains:

“Our ROVs operate in a range of hostile environments and the Bender equipment monitors the status of the electronics which power and control the units. It prevents a simple leak developing into something potentially more serious, or presenting a safety risk to operators. Of course, the protection of the asset is vital, and to have continuous monitoring of the ROV allows optimum operational time which end users demand and expect.”

Rovtech Solutions also aims to include Bender Linetraxx® RCM technology in the next generation of underwater vehicles being designed for the larger Adaptable Seaker ROVs which have seen decades of service on the Sellafield site.

Bender works with a range of original equipment manufacturers in subsea and offshore oil and gas sectors to protect personnel, systems and production.

This is one example of how Bender technology safeguards costly equipment damage and cancellation of often highly expensive operations in the field.

Bender UK Industrial Business Manager Phil Robinson commented:

“We are delighted to work with companies like Rovtech Solutions. They appreciate the capability of our technology and how it protects not only their assets but their reputation as one of the leading ROV companies in Europe. Working in this manner plays strength to our innovative approach to product design which is then complemented by Bender UK’s excellent applications engineering.

Bender’s range of electrical safety and intelligent monitoring and measurement systems are designed to deliver monitor and protect assets which work in some of the harshest operating conditions understand the critical importance of plant availability and resilience, and we welcome opportunities to work with OEMs to deliver the tailored solutions that safeguard their equipment.

Bender technology is used in a number of ROV applications.

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