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High Pressure Multiports: Stand Alone Reeler

Rotaflow have 30 years experience designing and manufacturing Pipe Swivel Joints. We solve problems where fluids are required to pass through rotational machinery.

The Single flow units can be complicated enough, however our multiple flow units [multiports] are helping to resolve issues in many areas of engineering. This is especially so in subsea applications where reliable high pressure designs are required to fit within tight spaces and achieve the longest service life.

The multiport shown was tested at 22,500 psi, with a required working pressure of 15,000psi. It allows control of 8 separate lines. It has visual leak detect ports to allow fault diagnostic and eliminate crosstalk. We were asked to produce a reliable swivel to replace a previous failed design. There were considerable constraints within the design spec. The reel itself had already been manufactured, the solution needed to fit within the already determined space and the end user was keen to begin trialling the system. The design was tested and is now is carrying hydraulic fluid through 8 separate ports to operate valves on the sea bed. The swivel is onboard ship allowing the hose reel to deploy up to 2 kilometres of umbilical hose to the sea bed. In duplex stainless steel, the swivel has high corrosion resistance. The system allows operations on the sea bed to be remotely controlled and powered. Rotaflow manufacture all manner of Swivels including subsea swivels with the capacity to resist ingress of sea water at 3000~4000m and the strength to accept the loads induced from the connected pipe work or flexible.

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