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Ecosse Subsea Systems (ESS) has successfully designed, built and delivered a 700Te carousel to a maj

The 700Te carousel designed with the capacity to be upgraded to 1700Te will be used for the storage of cables required for UK offshore wind farm projects.

The design and project management phases were conducted at ESS headquarters in Banchory near Aberdeen, with partial manufacture undertaken at ESS subsidiary firm MASfab in County Durham.

Now ESS, a specialist subsea and energy sector engineering company will look to win similar orders for the design and construction of carousels for onshore and offshore use.

ESS project manager, Kevin Harper, said: “The delivery of this carousel, demonstrates Ecosse Subsea’s capability in designing, manufacturing and the installation of bespoke infrastructure for use in the energy industries. Utilising our own in-house design capabilities and fabrication facility gives us greater control and flexibility to ensure projects are delivered seamlessly and on schedule.”

This is the second onshore storage carousel ESS have delivered, having previously successfully completed a 800Te offshore rated unit on behalf of a major renewables client.

Mr Harper added: “There is a growing market for storage carousels for use in the renewables sector and we will leverage our experience to meet this market requirement while exploring other opportunities in traditional subsea oil and gas projects. Most discerning companies tend to prefer key infrastructure built by suppliers with a proven track history of delivery of similar equipment.”

ESS are currently best known for the design build and use of their world leading SCAR equipment which is used for seabed conditioning and boulder clearing, trenching and backfill. ESS also offer specialist engineering and project management services.

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