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Evolve iMS aims to revolutionise UK firms with latest cloud-based technology

New Microsoft Dynamics Company Positioned for Success

A new Aberdeen-based company which aims to help businesses transform their processes and dramatically improve productivity with the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology has officially launched.

Evolve iMS (information Management Systems) is an independent start-up focussed on supporting companies in the oil and gas, construction and consultancy sectors to manage their business with an easy-to-use global ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution.

Evolve iMS will be headed up by service delivery manager, Lisa Reid, and Toby Crowther, Technical Consultant

Evolve iMS has the ability to change the way firms do business with their customers and their suppliers, allowing all financial, inventory management, project management and human resource information to be stored and managed in one centralised database.

The privately funded company which has already secured contracts totalling £200,000 aims to become a leading ERP solutions provider within the next three years, having the expertise and capacity to equip companies with the tools required to effectively log, track and access vital data required to run and grow their business.

Led by director and co-founder, Clarke Shepherd, Evolve iMS will be headed up by service delivery manager, Lisa Reid, and Toby Crowther, technical consultant, who both have extensive experience in ERP development, having previously worked with well-established ERP and IT firms across the UK and overseas.

The company currently employs four people and has plans to recruit another three over the next three months. With its first few contracts already secured and a number of projects in the pipeline, Evolve iMS expects to further expand its workforce within the next six months.

Realising that there was a growing number of companies across Scotland using Microsoft Dynamics to streamline their operations, Evolve iMS saw an opportunity to become one of the first Aberdeen-based companies to specialise in the supply, implementation and development of the software.

Evolve iMS director, Clarke Shepherd commented: “As technology continues to evolve, it’s vital that the business world keeps up to ensure it is benefiting from modern systems and processes which can do exactly what they want in a lean and agile way. With Microsoft Dynamics, companies can gain complete control over what’s going on in their business, and therefore have the ability to make smarter decisions that impact their margins and drive profitable growth.

“Our aim is to bring better, more sustainable solutions to the market. By offering the latest software solutions and business systems, coupled with round the clock expert support, we can ensure that companies of all sizes can simplify processes, boost productivity and drive growth.

“The systems we provide can be tailored to suit the needs of businesses operating in the energy, construction, waste management, logistics, professional services and food and drink sectors. It allows companies to monitor business performance from every possible angle, at the touch of a button. The software has been designed to empower people to be more productive, so they can respond more quickly and effectively in the ever-changing world of business.”

Unlike many ERP solutions on the market, Microsoft Dynamics can be synced with existing applications to quickly and simply streamline all software packages.

Ms Reid added: “Time is a precious commodity in the business world. If a system fails or drops out for a couple of hours, the consequences can be costly.

“We’re moving towards a new way of looking at data, one that applies best-practice business processes to fast growing companies. With access to a wide range of analytical and reporting tools, people can make informed, confident decisions that directly impact their bottom line.

“At Evolve iMS, we understand that in today’s world, companies generate huge amounts of internal data but struggle to use it in any meaningful way. Evolve iMS provides software solutions that will help to revolutionise the way businesses analyse big data. With our expert team at hand, we can pass on our comprehensive knowledge and experience to benefit our customers and help them realise the full potential of that data, whilst ensuring we remain at the forefront of leading edge software and ERP development.”

Evolve iMS specialises in the supply, implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

For more information about Evolve iMS visit

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