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Lindapter's Type AF clamps were used to secure a subsea platform

Atlantis Resources Limited is pioneering the development of tidal current power as the most reliable, economic and secure form of renewable energy. The structural design manager from Atlantis recently specified Lindapter clamping systems for securing a steel platform onto a tidal turbine foundation on the MeyGen project, the world’s most high profile tidal stream project. Atlantis Resources was commissioned to design the electrical and mechanical infrastructure needed to tie several subsea measurement instruments into one system in order to monitor the marine environment. The instruments were hard-wired to the structure and therefore had to be installed with the foundation. The engineer designed a steel platform to hold the instrumentation sleds which weighed up to 4000kg. He sought a reliable connection for attaching this underwater platform to the Tidal Support Structure (TSS). The brief required a weld-free connection that would withstand the tidal forces and outlive the life of the instrumentation sled and platform in order to avoid any unnecessary subsea servicing. The engineer evaluated several fixings for strength, longevity and reliability before deciding Lindapter’s clamping systems were the best choice for the application. After contacting Lindapter’s technical team, the engineer was confident that the Type AF high slip resistant clamps in size M24 should be used to attach the steel platform back to the flange of the tidal turbine support structure. Further reassurance was provided by Lindapter’s range of independent technical approvals and over 80 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steelwork connections. Lindapter's High Slip Resistance clamps provided lateral adjustability which allowed the installers to quickly align the platform into position before tightening with standard hand tools. The simple installation helped the contractor to save time and reduce labour costs on the project.

Lindapter’s Type AF High Slip Resistance Clamps

Click here to download more information about the Type AF clamp.

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