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Phusion makes software available to small businesses

Phusion IM, the long-established, Tees Valley based engineering information management company, has created a new product range to give smaller companies access to technologies developed for some of the world’s largest engineering projects.

Historically, Phusion only made its software available as part of large, turnkey projects such as the vast $50billion Chevron Gorgon project in Australia. Now the company has realigned and expanded its software into a powerful toolkit for managing information across a wide range of sectors including process engineering and facilities management.

The decision to make Phusion’s software available to small and medium-sized clients, in addition to multi-nationals and mega projects, comes after working with Newcastle-based strategic branding digital agency Unwritten Creative. This work helped the firm better understand the buying patterns, client personas and the key decision makers within those organisations. Unwritten also delivered a new website for Phusion, with clear messages based on its research.

The realignment coincided with the launch of Phusion Onsite mobile collection tool, a smartphone and web-based application that has been leveraged from Phusion’s involvement of major capital projects, which increases efficiency and accuracy in data collection, while making the capabilities of the company available to organisations that are smaller than blue-chip status. Onsite also gives its users access to the world’s largest collection of generic engineering data, which Phusion has compiled over 25 years in industry.

Phusion IM Executive Chairman Steve Pearson said: “The buyer personas Unwritten created for us have helped us to understand more the needs of our customers, understand any nuances and how to best connect to them. In the twenty first century large companies strive to be as lean and focussed as smaller ones, while smaller companies want access to the cutting edge tools and analytics their larger competitors have, by packaging our offering in this way we can help both, and at a price accessible to all.

“They also want software that is simple to implement and sufficiently intuitive for non-expert IT in a workforce to embrace. We have identified that companies from many sectors struggle to manage their information, yet having a complete and accurate view of information would help them improve safety, reduce costs and comply with industry standards.”

Amy Jackson, Director of Unwritten Creative said: “Buyer Personas take opinion out of the sales process and let our clients look objectively at their markets. The personas we have delivered not only help Phusion understand who its buyers are, but how they are different from each other.

“Phusion’s decision to change the way its sells its best kept secret, its software, reflects the changing culture in the traditional and new industrial sectors, where companies are now looking to better embrace cloud-based technologies and the Internet of Things.

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