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Tritex Multigauge 4400 ROV Metal Thickness Gauge

Tritex NDT Ltd are now offering their Multigauge 4400 ROV Thickness Gauge for mounting onto most work class ROV’s in addition to the popular Multigauge 4100 ROV Thickness Gauge.

The Multigauge 4400 is contained within a titanium body and is pressure rated at 4000m. Both gauges have a selectable RS422 or RS232 output by means of a simple switch on the gauge. To accompany the Multigauge 4000 series, Tritex have developed Communicator Software, for use on a PC or laptop, to display and record the measurements and associated data such as the time and a descriptive label if required. Templates can be set up to store measurements in a grid, string or combination of both.

The gauges are used for inspecting metal thickness to check for corrosion in pipelines, pilings, ship’s hulls and subsea structures without the need for using divers. They use Multiple Echo to ensure coatings do not have to be removed, only the metal substrate is measured. Additionally, they have Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR) and Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS).

A dedicated probe holder, which has freedom of movement in all directions with no moving parts, ensures the probe is presented properly onto the surface.

As with all their products. Tritex NDT offer a three year warranty and a free calibration service. The gauges are supplied as complete kits ready to use.

For further information please go to

Multigauge 4400 Kit
Multigauge 4000 series

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