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SPX FLOW: Robust Industrial Solutions for Oil and Gas Applications at ADIPEC 2016

Delair Nitrogen Generator

With a focus on reliability, safety and operating efficiency, SPX FLOW, Inc. will be showcasing a range of industrial solutions at ADIPEC 2016 which kicked off today.

From its APV brand, SPX FLOW provides a wide range of plate heat exchanger technologies for oil and gas production in both onshore and offshore locations that can help increase heat process efficiency and contribute to lower costs.

In higher temperature and higher pressure applications, the APV® Hybrid series of welded plate heat exchangers stand out as an obvious choice for operation in areas such as wet crude heaters, lean-rich interchangers, sour gas coolers, and acid condensers covering processes including crude stabilization, gas dehydration and gas sweetening. The high thermal efficiency of the APV Hybrid heat exchangers reduces external energy input demand, while its design flexibility enables very low-pressure drops to be achieved without compromising performance. The APV Hybrid heat exchanger can be easily opened for inspection and cleaning by removing the housing covers. The unit is mechanically cleanable on the tube side and plate side is easily CIP-able making it a truly cleanable solution.

From its Lightnin brand, SPX FLOW will be showcasing its GP2 mixers which are designed for multifunctional open tank applications. It has an integrated digital control system that offers clockwise and counter-clockwise operation with automatic reversing capability along with a countdown timer with automatic stop to assist operators. A low energy LED mixing light further helps the user by making the mixing process more visible. The mixers offer versatile, reliable and precise mixing solutions ideal for a wide range of applications.

SPX FLOW’s Plenty side entry mixers have proven reliability and durability in heavy duty tank storage applications for everything from homogenization of clean fluids to crude oil bottom sludge and water (BS&W) control. They are designed for high performance to maximize process efficiency as well as to reduce overall operating costs.

Our Plenty mixers have high performance impellers that produce significant amounts of pumping and thrust with minimized power draw for efficient operation. Their solid, one-piece design helps improve reliability and avoids cavitation effects. The mixers are designed to be easily maintained with bearings that have been specifically engineered to maximize bearing Lightnin Series 10 Mixer life.

SPX FLOW's Johnson Pump centrifugal pumps come in many different models and can transfer fluids with high efficiency with high efficiency over a wide range of flows and pressures. Johnson Pump brand’s Combi system is a modular programme of centrifugal pumps with a high degree of interchangeability of parts between the different pump constructions. These pumps are ideal for the use in numerous offshore utility applications and include the CombiSump, CombiChem, CombiPrime and FreFlow. The pumps are designed for high reliability and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards.

Johnson Pump’s gear pumps are robust, give an even flow, can handle both low and high viscosity products, capable of high pressure and are self-priming. Gear pumps such as the TopGear pumps are used in all types of manufacturing industries for the transportation of thin and thick liquids.

The Delair brand, from SPX FLOW, is recognized as a specialist in the field of gas drying and gas separation. Their Nitrogen membrane generators from the NG Series provides membrane generation packages suitable for a wide range of capacity and purities up to 99,5% nitrogen with minimum feed air consumption. This technology offers you the capability of producing your own gaseous Nitrogen, using a method that is simple, cheap and reliable with the Delair NG series membrane type Nitrogen generator. Applications include seal/gasket purging of turbines and compressors, blanketing of product storage tanks for chemical industries, blanketing of LNG/LPG carries for shipping trade, purging of flare lines, carrier gas supply for process and laboratory analyzers, and many others. SPX FLOW Delair will provide you with all necessary details concerning feed air consumption and capabilities of the system to best match your needs.

Our experts will be on hand to talk through these innovative technologies and how they can help resolve your processing needs. Come visit us at booth 4470, Hall 13 to know more!

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