Versatile Digital Pressure Measurement

Pressure transducers are available with many digital outputs. By far the most popular is the USB (Universal Serial Bus). It is the ideal digital interface for connection of devices to desktop & laptop computers and other digital measurement instrumentation. A USB interface provides a connection for communication and powering of digital pressure transducers. A cable providing a low DC supply voltage is used to transfer data from the sensor to your desktop. The Genspec Dynamic USB Transducer, or the GD4200, is a digital pressure measurement system, comprising of a pressure transducer and software, which can be up and running very quickly without the need for wiring, separate power supplies or

Faster Commissioning Results in Quicker Time to Market

To ensure consistency, repeatability, quality and compliance with regulations, many companies employ rigorous testing and measurement processes. Kraus automation technology (KAT), specialises in providing tailored testing systems for life-span, fatigue and material tests. To offer testing systems which meet the needs of their diverse customer base, KAT use National Instruments’ LabView software to create custom user interfaces for engineers. Whilst LabView offers the benefit of a graphical approach to programming which visualises hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging, the testing machine’s PLC and the measurement and testing applications had to be engineered separately. The

One-Hour Stuck Pipe Sever Sees Operator Confidence in Churchill’s HyPR HoleSaver™ Soar

After a major operator recovered from stuck pipe by severing its drill string in just one hour, operators are increasingly adopting the HyPR HoleSaver as their primary contingency against stuck pipe, reports Churchill Drilling Tools, a global oilfield service company specialising in drilling innovation. After a series of successful HyPR severances this year, the one-hour cut was achieved after a major operator became stuck around 13,000ft due to heavy losses. After jarring attempts failed and having previously spent two days mobilizing explosives to manage an earlier stuck pipe incident, the operator opted to deploy the HyPR HoleSaver, placed in the string for just such an event. The HyPR pu

Underwater Inspection at TWI

Underwater inspection is a growing field that provides excellent employment opportunities for those who are trained in the required skillsets. The combination of commercial diving skills and inspection knowledge means that qualified underwater inspectors are highly sought aft er for a variety of industries around the world. TWI offers a suite of underwater inspection courses, including refresher courses, for those wishing to work in this growing field. Our widely respected underwater inspection courses provide qualification at four different levels for this sought-after skill-set. The courses start by providing theoretical instruction related to general underwater and close visual inspection

It Is More Than Just Client Worksite Representative Training

The Intangible Benefits of Upskilling and Upgrading The roles and responsibilities of a Client Worksite Representative is more than just being the ‘eyes and ears’ of the client with regards to safety, planning, system and procedural assurance, daily operations, contractual requirements and ensures that the Contractor efficiently executes the approved scope of work in accordance with the approved procedures etc. With a slowdown in oil and gas over the past half-decade, it has never been more important for companies, individuals or current client representatives to keep pace with current industry development, by continuously upskilling or upgrading their skills and competencies. A competency d

Pacson Valves

Pacson Valves started trading in 1992 from the company’s original premises in Carnoustie, Scotland; a small east coast town more famous for its world championship golf course than for valve manufacture. However, the area from Arbroath to Dundee had a long history of high precision engineering so proved to be a very good location for Pacson to find the skills necessary to make valves. When the company first started, the product range was focussed on only small bore, high pressure valves for the oil and gas industry. These products found success in the upstream and subsea sectors of the global oil and gas market, which allowed Pacson to grow and expand its product range through the 1990s and e

Water Injection for Gas Gathering

To efficiently gather the gas and/or oil in a well, following primary and secondary activities it is necessary to employ enhanced recovery techniques. The preferred method is to inject produced water at high pressures to stimulate flow. IGas Energy plc has selected Cat Pumps UK Ltd. to provide engineered pump/ motor skid packages due to their high reliability and robust qualities. The skid packages are ATEX rated and in some instances suitable for Sour Service (H2S). With our vast product capabilities, Cat Pumps is the pump of choice for Enhanced Gas Recover (EGR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications. We offer the following pump manifold options: Brass; Nickel Aluminum Bronze; 316 st

Zwanny the Key Oil Pollution Equipment Supplier for Nearshore and Offshore Applications

Global discoveries of hydrocarbons and gas continue to show promising growth, with new finds totalling 6.7 billion barrels of oil in the first half of 2019. Even in UK waters things are not looking too bad, for example only this year the Glengorm field was discovered with an estimated 250 million barrels of oil. With all these discoveries, there is the possibility of pollution from the rig. In July 2019 there was an ongoing spill at Pertamina’s offshore north west Java block. The spill is believed to have been caused by a pressure imbalance in the well bore (known as a well kick). The spill has pumped an estimated 3000 barrels of oil a day into the sea since it began, the slick has spread mo

Safe and Certified… to Zone 0

The Peli™ 9455 Area Light is the first in the range to be certified to ATEX Zone 0; allowing its use in high risk, hazardous areas. This latest addition to the Peli range of maintenance-free rechargeable LED lighting is easily portable, weighing 7.3kg and can be set up in seconds. The unit is compact, easy to transport and has a retractable mast; the head can be rotated 360° and it also pivots to angle the light directly where required. A ten hour run time (economy mode) ensures light duration for a full shift. Featuring a category leading light output of 1600 lumens and manufactured with a rugged, water resistant (IP54) body; it is ideal for heavy duty industrial use both on and offshore. P

Keeping the Clever Bits Dry

Roy Phillips, MD of Intelliconnect (Europe) considers the evolution of waterproof connectors Some time ago a manufacturer of Locator Beacons, approached us and requested we design a range of special connectors. Despite the small quantities involved, we were happy to oblige. “They need to be waterproof (unmated).” OK that’s fine, a piece of hermetic glass in the rear end will work! They told us that was too expensive. They wanted to pay the same as a standard connector. And – “We need it to be highly reliable...with no NRE charge.” So, we had to design, develop, sample, machine, plate, assemble and deliver a range of four connectors with a completely new feature, in seven weeks! The connector

Rollstud’s Complete Bolting Solution

Established for over 35 years, Rollstud Limited are a privately owned manufacturer of quality assured Bolting for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Power Generation industries, with manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Middle East. Craig Williamson, Business Development Manager for Rollstud explains the company’s rationale… A Complete Range “Rollstud’s aim is to provide a fast, reliable, competitively priced range of quality assured studbolts and fasteners, with full traceability, predominantly for the Oil, Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries. But we also supply to many other applications and industries.” Added Craig. “We also offer complete piping packages, and gaskets are

Think You’re Safe? Remove Doubt by Using Wolf Safety’s New Voltage Alert Technology

Working in potentially explosive atmospheres is hazardous enough without having concerns that the voltage being supplied to temporary lighting is no longer within certified limits. How can anyone be absolutely sure what voltage is being supplied, especially in a typical, long cable FPSO situation? Could it be one volt more or less than the certified safe range? Reassurance is now available from Wolf Safety Lighting, whose latest technology gives an immediate warning when voltage either slips below or exceeds certified limits, even by just one volt. Their SOVI™ technology – it stands for Safe Optimal Voltage Indicator – removes all doubt, giving operators the confidence that temporary lightin

DLM Design and Manufacture New Detrenching Grapnel

Dynamic Load Monitoring, specialists in the design and manufacture of Load Cell’s and Cable Working equipment based in Southampton, UK are pleased to announce the design, manufacture and deployment of a new 1.5m penetration Detrenching Grapnel. The new Detrenching Grapnel has been several months in development by DLM’s Engineers, drawing from many years experience in the Offshore Cable Laying industry. The Detrenching Grapnel is designed to penetrate the seabed to depths of up to 1.5m and will be used for recovering out of service subsea cable previously buried. Currently deployed on a European Cable Ship it has already undergone successful trials and will be used shortly in up coming Detren

RUD Lifting Equipment & Conveyor & Drive Solutions for Offshore Oil & Gas Projects

RUD understands that working across the off shore oil and gas industry can be an extremely challenging task where only the best products can withstand the harshest of conditions. RUD Chains deliver on ground-breaking products and have earnt over 500 international patents for their continuous product development and innovative approach. Lifting Equipment RUD lifting equipment offers over 700 lifting and lashing points for bolting and welding covering a working load limit of 0,6 – 250 tonnes. RUD lifting points are robust and resilient, offering a safety factor of 4:1 and an impressive resistance to temperatures from -60°c to +400°c. A range of lifting points, VIP sling chain and components ar

Glamox Supplies TX60 LED Luminaires to Chrysaor for Installation Across Three North Sea Oil and Gas

LED lighting specialist Glamox has so far supplied more than 1,400 TX60 explosion-protected (Exe) linear LED luminaires to Chrysaor – the UK’s leading North Sea independent oil and gas company – which are currently being installed across three of its gas and condensate platforms in the Central North Sea. Chrysaor has a diversified portfolio of interests in five of the 10 largest production hubs in the UK North Sea. It operates eight fields with 21 wells and partners some of the world’s largest companies in 17 non-operated fields with 147 wells. Chrysaor operates three gas and condensate platforms in the Central North Sea – Armada, Everest and Lomond. These platforms are currently part-way th

Gasket Filler Innovation Overcomes Corrosion Challenges for Offshore Industry

Flexitallic, the global leader in sealing solutions, recently showcased its latest innovation to support operations in the offshore industry at Offshore Europe exhibition – its ground-breaking gasket filler material Corriculite®. Created for use in corrosion-sensitive applications, Corriculite®, tackles the issue of flange face corrosion on bolted connections. The material ensures that seals maintain maximum integrity by preventing galvanic corrosion. In critical situations Corriculite® delivered a leakage rate of zero during API 6FB Fire Safety tests. Corriculite® seals 500 times tighter than traditional Graphite sealing materials supporting off shore operator’s commitments to reducing fugi

Maintain Productivity with HTL’s Oil Cooled Hydraulic Torque Pump

Headquartered in the UK, HTL Group are delighted to announce a further addition to its ever-growing OEM Controlled Bolting Product Range. The Oil Cooled Torque Pump eliminates well-known issues associated with continuous operation in harsh ambient temperatures for all industrial bolting sectors; Petro Chemical, Rail, Construction, Oil and Gas etc. Downtime caused by overheating can be costly, so a solution to eliminate overheating was sought, with the design focusing on keeping the hydraulic fluid temperature to an optimum range that will permit continuous use. Designed and manufactured within HTL Group’s world class facility in the UK, the integral oil cooler utilises lightweight, corrosion

Safety Underwater – Bender Protects Subsea Systems and Remotely Operated Vehicles

The safety and reliability of subsea electrical systems and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) is of paramount importance to oil and gas operations. Any system failings potentially have great consequences, due to the extreme conditions which make repair and recovery difficult and dangerous. Operators must have total confidence in the integrity of subsea operating systems, and effective monitoring plays a vital role by giving early warning of developing issues with systems and components facing the extreme pressures and hazards of the deep ocean. Subsea Cable Monitoring Effective monitoring of parallel subsea cables identifies trends in insulation resistance values informing operations and mai

BathyCorrometer® – Original and Still the Best

The need for practical on-site underwater corrosion potential measurements has existed for well over fifty years and the development of off shore oil facilities – extreme high-capital value structures which required significant lifetimes and which could only be subject to inspection and repair in situ – drove the growth in the commercial diving operations and the introduction of the BathyCorrometer®. The initial version of the instrument was designed and developed by Corrosion and Welding Engineers Ltd in the mid-1960s. The instrument comprised an analogue meter in a robust polyacetal housing. Whilst the provenance of the modern instrument is obvious; the original was rather larger – and per

Nord-Lock Group Launching Game-Changing Solutions

Nord-Lock Group is a pioneer in innovative bolting solutions, with advanced technologies spanning bolt securing, bolt tensioning, expansion bolts and expanding pivot pins. With decades of experience solving engineering challenges all over the world, the company continues to develop new, innovative solutions to transcend beyond engineering as they enter the smart technology arena with upcoming releases of Industry 4.0 products. Superbolt Load-Sensing Tensioner with Built-in Preload Monitoring System As the global market leader of bolting solutions, Nord-Lock Group is dedicated to integrating smart technologies into their already ground-breaking products. The first of these Industry 4.0 innova

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