The world's largest annual subsea exhibition and conference. Online registration is now open!

REGISTER ONLINE Subsea Expo, the world's largest annual subsea exhibition and conference, attracts over 5,000 delegates, 150 exhibitors and 75 speakers each year. Online registration is now open and is completely free. Avoid long queues on the day and register online for your free pass now. THE EXHIBITION 7 - 9 Feb 2018 | Aberdeen Hailed as a "crucial and valuable event for the subsea industry" and "a fantastic platform to showcase subsea services and technologies", Subsea Expo returns in February 2018. Interested in exhibiting? Limited space available! View the current exhibitor list and floorplan. Contact for more information. THE CONFERENCE 7 - 9 Feb 2018 | Aberdeen Th

New £56m funding boost helps ROVOP bolster ROV fleet by 50% and supports future business growth

ROVOP Limited, (“Rovop”) an independent operator of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), is to immediately increase its fleet by 50% to meet ongoing customer demand following a funding boost of £56m. Blue Water Energy and BGF have jointly committed to the funding which underpins ROVOP’s ambitious future growth plans including the creation of potentially up to 80 jobs. ROVOP, which has bases in Aberdeen and Houston, employs more than 180 people in onshore and offshore roles, and operates 16 of the world’s most advanced ROVs. The funding has enabled the company to increase its fleet immediately to 24 ROVs with the new assets being acquired from Tidewater in Houston. Tidewater owns and

OPITO crowns its Apprentice of the Year 2017

A former Peterhead Academy student who followed in his family’s footsteps into the oil and gas sector has been named by the global skills for energy body, OPITO, as its Apprentice of the Year 2017. Ashley Thomas is a second-year process operations apprentice at North East Scotland College in Aberdeen. He was selected to join the Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Programme (OGTAP) in 2016. Mr Thomas grew up near the St Fergus Gas Terminal in Aberdeenshire passing it on his way to school every day. As well as being inspired by the careers of his stepfather and cousin, he also has more than a dozen friends from the area who are either in the process of completing their OGTAP apprenticeships or h


The robust nature of Profi TI series air hoists from J D Neuhaus (JDN) ensures their suitability for a whole host of general industrial applications. JDN’s Profi TI series is extensive, but models from TI 3 to TI 25 (providing 3 to 25 tonne lift/load capacity) are ideal for general purpose use, even in continuous working processes. These units can be outfitted with many accessories to meet end user needs. Some of these accessories are various control systems (including remote control) for precise positioning of loads, and a variety of trolleys available to meet specific demands. Profi TI hoists offer many advantages. These easy-to-operate, low-headroom, lightweight hoists are suitable for ha

Calibration made simple; i-calibrate

Global OEM HTL Group have launched their new in-house service innovation; i-calibrate. Offering complete certification traceability, i-calibrate ensures that the user has complete control of calibration and test services via a simple to use portal. Utilising QR codes on each tool, i-calibrate offers user’s instant, paperless, real time access to calibration and test certification for their entire inventory. Complementing HTL’s existing calibration and testing service, the new software presents a paperless, digital calibration and test process as well as an automated reminder feature. i-calibrate offers users 24 hour access to the most important calibration and test information including cert

Diversification Puts EnerMech On Target For £360M Revenues US Growth Strong As Profits Expected To T

EnerMech, the global provider of integrated mechanical, electrical and instrumentation solutions, has recently revealed that its 2016 revenues rose by almost £10m to £263.7m on the previous year and is forecasting that 2017 trading will increase by nearly £100m to around £360m. Annual accounts to December 2016 also show profits (EBITDA) rose by £4.4m to £24.8m in the same period and it is expected 2017 global profits will increase further to around £42m at the Aberdeen-headquartered firm. Figures lodged at Companies House show EnerMech’s UK division recorded similar success with revenues of £128.3m, up from £123.7m the previous year, while EBITDA more than doubled to £14.4m. EnerMech employs

Eddyfi Technologies will be exhibiting at Subsea Expo 2018, showcasing TSC’s latest developments in

The subsea industry’s UK flagship event, Subsea Expo 2018, will be open for business on February 7th -9th 2018 in Aberdeen and Eddyfi Technologies are proud to be showcasing their range of subsea inspection solutions on Stand 131. TSC will be presenting their core range of equipment which is key to the delivery of ACFM® technology and NDT techniques involved in subsea crack detection measurement. Remotely deployed ACFM Array probe inspection solutions will take centre stage and will include the MagCrawler and Spoolscanner applications. As part of the Subsea Expo Conference programme TSC’s subsea inspection capabilities will be focussed on further as part of the Subsea Expo’s “Inspection & I

3sun Group invests £1.4m in staff training to meet record work pipeline for 2018

Leading energy company 3sun Group has invested more than £1.4m in staff training to fulfill existing contracts and in anticipation of a record work pipeline for 2018. This significant investment came in a year when 3sun Group – a specialist provider of products and services to the global energy industry – delivered a profit of £455k and increased net assets to £5.4m. Chief Financial Officer Sam Copeman said: “The £455k profit we made in the year to 31 March 2017 is impacted by the £1.4m investment in training but, whilst this reduced profits, it is a very important investment in the future of the business so that we can continue to deliver for our customers. “The strengthened balance s

Considerations For Using Large Diameter Coriolis Mass Flowmeters In Oil & Gas Applications

During the last decade manufacturers have been launching larger Coriolis mass flowmeters to satisfy the requirement for mass flow measurement in larger line sizes for bulk fluid transfer applications in oil and gas, chemical or petrochemical industry segments. The high performance mass flow and density accuracy specifications of Coriolis flowmeters have made this technology increasingly popular in both new installations and also when replacing traditional flowmeter technologies. The designs of these large line size meters are very different as compared to smaller diameter offerings and also from each other. In Figure 1 you can see two popular types of designs featuring straight and bent tube

The Next Level in Retrieve and Release ROV Operations

The Green Pin® ROV Guided Pin Shackle ensures a 100% straight alignment of the shackle pin towards the shackle eyes and is always ready to use as it is delivered completely assembled. A lifting eye on the guiding tube helps the ROV operator to balance the shackle and guarantees that the pin cannot fall out of the tube. The Green Pin® ROV Guided Pin Shackle further improves safety through its innovative locking system which prevents the shackle pin from accidentally turning counterclockwise and coming loose. The shackle is available with a D-handle or fishtailhandle. Green Pin® ROV Guided Pin Shackles Product code: P-5362D, P-5362F Material: Shackle body a

RUD VRBG Load Ring on Plate for Bolting Can be loaded at 90° to the vertical with a full working loa

RUD Chains offers over 600 different tested and certified lifting and lashing points which cover a working load capacity range of 0.6 to 250 tonne. RUD’s lifting equipment is used across a wide range of working environments from Heavy Lifting, Engineering, Materials Handling, Offshore, Construction, Rail, MOD and many more. The VRBG load ring on plate for bolting offers a range of advantages and lifting options for the user. Firstly it can be supplied with 4 bolts offering a working load capacity of 10-16 tonnes or it can be supplied with 6/8 bolts with an impressive working load capacity of 31.5-50 tonnes. It can be loaded at 90° to the vertical with a full working load limit, the suspensio

New Fire Resistant Cleats withstand Temperatures up to 1,000oC and hold ‘Extreme’ Loads

CMP Products has today launched a range of ‘fire resistant’ cable cleats which have been engineered and tested to withstand temperatures as high as 1,000oC (1,800oF). Two of the new products, named Themis and Solace, have been designed with a unique twin arc patent-pending internal design profile, offering extreme axial and lateral load retention. Fire tested to the highest industry standards, including AS 3013, BS 5839, EN 50200 and BS 8434, the new products have been specifically engineered for use with fire performance cables, to ensure the safe retention and securing of cables in the event of a wiring system being affected by fire. Available in cast stainless steel, and fabricated stainl


A consortium comprising Steatite with OXIS Energy, MSubs and the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has achieved what it set out to do by developing a pressure tolerant Lithium Sulfur (Li- S)battery that's capable of powering autonomous vehicles to ocean depths of over 6,000 metres. The cells can withstand the extreme pressure of 664 bars - that's equivalent to a water depth of 6,640 metres - at a temperature of 4°C without being compromised on integrity. ·The cells (rated at 300 Wh/Kg in standard conditions) achieved 289Wh/kg at a pressure of 450 bars - that's equivalent to a water depth of 4,500 metres - at a temperature of 4°C. ·The Gravimetric Energy Density of the complete battery is 18

Glamox LED lighting to the world’s largest FPSO contractor

Glamox Far East has supplied more than 1,800 luminaires to the FPSO (Photo: Modec/Petrobras). Glamox has recently supplied a complete lighting package to a new floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO) that will operate off the coast of Brazil. The FPSO is constructed and operated by Modec, one of the largest FPSO contractors in the world. "Cidade de Campos dos Goytacazes MV 29" is owned and operated by Modec on behalf of the Brazilian oil major Petrobras. The FPSO will operate off the cost of Rio de Janeiro. Glamox Far East in Singapore has supplied more than 1800 LED luminaires to the FPSO, with a product range from downlights (DL60) to explosion proof products like the FX60 f

Naturally diverse at Tendeka - Gillian King, VP Europe, Former Soviet Union, Africa

The gender divide at the top of UK businesses was blatantly highlighted by a report by the governance institute ICSA, which stated that within the top 100 FTSE companies there are more male CEOs named John than there are females leading businesses and organisations - how crazy is that?! Though the proportion of female boardroom roles doubled between 2010 and 2015 from 12.5% to 26%, most women are in non-executive and part-time director positions. This gulf in gender roles continues to cause unrest and conflict in 2017, particularly in relation to the recent furore caused by the gender debate, sexual discrimination cases, and pay disparity at Google, Uber and the BBC, respectively, to name a

Subsea Pipelines Inspection with Next Generation MEC & PECT Techniques

Maintaining the integrity of coated and uncoated subsea pipelines is a challenge due to accessibility issues and difficult inspection conditions such as the water depth, visibility and temperature. As large amount of the subsea pipelines are non-piggable, the typical internal inspection involving the installation of a subsea launcher and receiver is also costly. To overcome this inspection challenge, Innospection has developed an external subsea pipeline inspection package based on the MEC (Magnetic Eddy Current) technique for the external inspection and condition assessment of the non-piggable subsea pipelines, subsea flowlines and manifold pipes. The next generation MEC technique is used b

Global Training Provider HTL Group continue to serve the wind industry with new GWO BTT Standard

The GWO Basic Technical Training Standard has been developed in response to the demand for basic technical training in the wind industry. Global Training Provider HTL Group, whom currently serve the industry with a portfolio of Wind Energy tailored courses, saw the GWO BTT Standard as a necessary and fitting addition to the range of courses delivered at their Northumberland training centre of excellence. Covering 3 modules, the standard consists of Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical elements, ensuring that this course is ideally suited to all Wind Turbine Technicians who are involved in the installation, service and maintenance of wind turbine generators and wind power plants. Bob Fogerty,

Virtual Reality for training – why the time is now.

Virtual reality (VR) is nothing new, it’s been around for a while. In fact my first introduction to VR back in the mid 1990’s involved a cumbersome heavy headset, a huge purpose-built computer, a very underwhelming user experience and a distinct feeling of motion sickness. Back then VR failed to deliver on its promise, but at least it tried. And importantly it gave us a look into what was to come. Fast forward 25 years and VR is in a much better position for us all to stand up and take note. VR is back with a bang and quite rightly so. Why? Because since the mid 90’s technology has accelerated forward at an exponential rate, taking with it virtual reality. Gone are the cumbersome devices and

Safety First

Site and Operator Safety is an ever increasing concern and fundamental consideration for all companies, in all industries, globally. Within any sector where operators and technicians are working on controlled bolting applications, the risk of pinched fingers and dropped object related injuries is exceptionally high. These risks must be recognised and dealt with appropriately to enable preventative injury strategies to be implemented. Raising awareness internally and supplying equipment which is designed with the operator’s safety in mind is key; illustrating the risks involved when correct safety precautions aren’t followed and how to counteract them can help to increase awareness by using

ROTRONIC ATEX Certified Humidity and Temperature Sensors

The ROTRONIC Intrinsically Safe HygroFlex5-EX series of humidity/moisture and temperature sensors was developed for easy installation in areas where there is a risk of explosion due to dust or gas in the environment. They were designed to meet the demanding requirements of the oil & gas industry as well as the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries, and are suitable for hazardous applications elsewhere. The Rotronic HygroFlex5-EX measurement transmitter conforms to the latest international standards. The transmitter is Intrinsically Safe (secondary side); 2-channel outputs. ATEX certified probes are available for all applications. The Intrinsically Safe transmitters have two ch

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